TS-16949 | QMI-SAI | Global Certified System

"Nolar is a Canadian company founded 41 years ago providing non-woven fabrics and molded rubber products to a wide range of industries."

ISO-9001 | QMI-SAI | Global Certified System


Automotive, Non-Woven, Fabrics and
    Interior Substrates

Automotive Non-Woven Fabrics
Interior Substrates.


Bedding, Non-Woven, Fabrics and Inner Construction Materials

Bedding Non-Woven Fabrics
Inner Construction Materials and Mattress Tape.


Furniture, Non-Woven, Fabrics and Inner Construction Materials.

Furniture Non-Woven Fabrics
Inner Construction Materials.

Mold Release

Mold Release, Non-Woven Fabrics, High Temperature Sprue and Runner Materials

Mold Release Non-Woven Fabrics
High Temperature Sprue and Runner Materials.


Industrial, Non-Woven, Fabrics, Non-Woven Disposable Fabrics

Industrial Non-Woven Fabrics
Non-Woven Disposable Fabrics.

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